Learning Opportunities

Our learning opportunities for physicians in Ontario are highly comprehensive and include clinical, social, professional, and academic components.

learning opportunities in rural ontario medical programThe Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) coordinates medical rotations for future physicians from the six medical universities in Ontario. Located in South-Central Ontario, our mission is to alleviate the burden on communities caused by the nation-wide physician distribution problem and create learning opportunities outside the academic centres and into communities.

The Application Process

Our learning opportunities for learners and funding are limited. We highly encourage applicants to submit their applications approximately 6 to 12 months in advance to increase the likelihood that they are able to acquire a rotation in their desired community and secure funding. In addition to the initial application, all applicants will need to be reviewed by our office no later than four months before the start date of the desired rotation.

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What a Rural Rotation Includes

Our learning opportunities for physicians are highly comprehensive and include several central components, such as:

  • Clinical.  Our rotations provide plenty of opportunities for physicians to improve their procedural and practical skills in a variety of different specialties.
  • Social. Physicians will be able to learn more about the lifestyle in their particular community.
  • Professional. Physicians will be able to work with local specialists and practice in several diverse health-related roles.
  • Academic. We require all learners to adhere to a strict level of academic excellence. They will also be evaluated by their preceptor regularly.

We provide physicians with the information they need to truly thrive during their rotation. For more information about the learning opportunities available through ROMP, please contact our office today.



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