About Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP)

ROMP has been helping medical students and residents in Ontario arrange core and elective medical rotations since 1988.

ROMPThere is a need for physicians in every area of the world, particularly in rural locations. With the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP), we are here to ease the burdens caused by the nation-wide physician distribution problem by arranging core and elective medical rotations for medical students in Ontario.

Our Mission

Deliver quality, comprehensive rural and regional health professional education by the engagement of Ontario communities.

How Our Program Works

With ROMP, we do more than just place learners in rural settings to practice medicine. We also:

  • Set-up credentialing and secure hospital privileges, so learners get hands-on learning experiences
  • Provide information about the lifestyle and community where learning opportunities exist
  • Help medical students with the cost of travelling and accommodation in some cases
  • Look after administrative procedures, so preceptors can focus on teaching

Currently, we serve 65 different communities that are broken down into four specific regions. To find out more about our program, what it entails, and what opportunities are available, call us today.

Dr. Peter Wells

Dr. WellsA true passion for rural family medicine education was the impetus that inspired Dr. Peter Wells to form the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) in 1988. He has had a vision for many years of making a difference in people’s lives by enhancing and enriching the available healthcare systems in rural communities.

Dr. Wells has been blessed to have a long, fruitful career, working at his own medical practice in Collingwood and in emergency medicine at the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. He continues to practice family medicine and obstetrics to this day and is the collaborative physician at Wahta and Rosseau Nursing Station. He also currently serves as an assistant clinical professor at the University of Toronto and a continuing medical education facilitator and assistant clinical professor at McMaster University. Moreover, his career and practice includes coroner work, OR, ER, surgery, and dermatology, to name a few areas in his scope of practice.

When not serving his patients or mentoring ROMP learners, Dr. Wells loves to create wood habitats for animals and tries to spend as much time as he can at the family cottage in Georgian Bay with his wife, Connie, and their 4 children.

Dr. Neil Lamont

Dr. LamontDr. Neil Lamont is a regional director with the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP). From 1998 until 2009, he held the position of Chief of the Division of General Surgery. Dr. Lamont is also the Co-President of the Medical Staff representing Grey Bruce Health Services physicians practicing in Owen Sound. Dr. Lamont currently practices general surgery, vascular surgery, and therapeutic endoscopy.