How to Become a Learner

International Clerks:

International Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Canada studying outside of the country of Canada. ROMP can assist with rotations for international learners. An international medical learner who wishes to set up a clinical rotation in Ontario must do the following:

1) Find and confirm a preceptor.

2) Complete an application form a minimum of 7 months prior to the rotation start date here:
Application Form

3) You will be notified once your application is submitted with the necessary paperwork to complete a minimum of 5 months prior to the rotation start date.

4) Please note ROMP can only place internationally trained learners in ROMP regions 2 and 4.
For a list of communities please see: Communities
*Please note. There is no funding available for international learners nor their preceptor-supervisors.*

International Graduates:

We cannot support graduates who were trained outside of the country of Canada. Please refer to HFO for other types of opportunities.
*Please note there is no funding available for international learners and graduates.

Out-of-Province Learners:

This group of learners include anyone studying outside of Ontario but within one of Canada’s provinces or territories. ROMP provides out of province students and graduates with administrative support in arranging learning opportunities in Rural South Central Ontario.
*Please note there is no funding available for Out of province learners.


Application for pre-clerk learning opportunities will be accepted between January 15 to February 15, 2018, exclusively. Please note the application process is competitive and you MUST include the following: a Letter of Good Standing, and a Letter of Intent.


ROMP Week Dates
University of OttawaMay 28 – June 1, 2018
Queens UniversityJune 4 – 8, 2018
Northern Ontario School of MedicineTBD
University of TorontoJune 4 – 8, 2018
McMaster UniversityTBD
University of WesternMay 21 – 25, 2018
May 28 – June 1, 2018


Also known as Rural Medicine Week or Discovery Week, ROMP Week is a one week elective offered to pre-clerk Ontario University medical students during their summer break. The goal of ROMP Week is to offer pre-clerks the opportunity to get “hands-on” clinical experience as well as showcase what the host community has to offer. Pre-clerks receive exposure to the high-lights of the hospital and geographic region that interests them and are given the choice of their community based on their place of study. Many communities have or are sites for ROMP Week Students.
In this short one week elective, pre-clerks acquire knowledge and get to practice various clinical skills such as suturing and casting. The social aspects revolve around what the community has to offer and allow the learners to have fun through various activities such as: canoeing, hiking, guided tours, and social events with community members. ROMP Week is a unique elective with the hopes of allowing medical students to understand what it is like to practice medicine in a rural community.

B) Summer electives

B) Summer electives
Pre-clerks can apply to do a summer elective after their first year of medical school. Electives are an excellent way to connect with preceptors, discover communities along with their hospitals; seeing what they have to offer and gaining valuable experience. Summer electives are very competitive and not guaranteed. To be considered please complete an application and send in a Letter of Good Standing and a Letter of Intent that outlines any past rural experience or ties to the requested community.
*Please note there is no funding available for Summer Elective learners.

Summer Studentships/Research Opportunities

Several communities provide summer studentship for research opportunities and experiences.
Are you interested in participating in a quality improvement project in a small community that becomes part of regional and national presentations? Are you interested in a summer project that has a stipend or wage? Contact ROMP after January 16, 2017 for details and applications.


ROMP will forward you an application for the studentships and outline the Summer 2017 sites with offerings which will be available on January 16th, 2017. Please note requests for applications will only be accepted between January 16 to February 16, 2017, exclusively. The application process is competitive and you MUST include the following: a Letter of Good Standing, and a Letter of Intent.


ROMP organizes both core and elective clerkship rotations within the ROMP region (Click here for a list of Communities.) Community-based clerkship opportunities are an excellent way to help prepare for residency.

Many schools have predetermined core rotations established in ROMP Communities. Although the school may assign a preceptor and provided rotation details, it is imperative that the learners apply meticulously through ROMP for these rotations. Only by applying through ROMP can the hospital privileges be secured and funding be granted.