Coronavirus (Covid-19): Updates for Ontario Medical Students, Residents and Clinical Supervisors

Family Medicine OCFP PPE Supply Updates:

Program Highlights

  • You can request PPE for your office needs, including for your learners (students and residents). The supply is not meant for patients or caregivers – they should bring their own cloth mask for in-person visits.
  • If you are in the North, Toronto, Central, and East regions – submit your request through Remedy, Ontario Health’s PPE request platform. Essential: follow the “How-To Complete Remedy Intake instructions” as there are some points in the survey that are not relevant for community-based physicians and there are specific ways to answer the survey. It is too long to summarize here!
  • If you are in the West region – submit your request through the regional request process.
  • If you are unsure of your region, the Ministry has provided this map of the regions.

Please continue appropriate PPE use/conservation – the OCFP has summarized the key points in this two-page visual guide.

PPE available, timelines and inventory survey

  • You can request masks (usual is Level 1), gowns (usual is Level 2), gloves, face shields, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. NOTE: not N95s, as these are for Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures that are not done in family physician offices.
  • When requesting PPE, you will be asked to input details (i.e., number of patient-facing clinical and non-clinical staff in your practice, number of patients your practice services, etc.), and a standard provincial formula will be applied to determine quantities of each item to be included in your allocation.
  • Your allocation will be delivered either to a central depot or directly to your location, with an aim to fulfill requests within 10-12 business days, or slightly longer in the North region.
  • IN ADDITION: You must fill out the Ministry of Health’s Critical Supplies and Equipment Survey every Monday and Thursday, even if you don’t need something. Previous submissions will be saved for ease of repeated entry. This is to allow for the MOH to plan for system needs.

Please contact your Regional Lead with any questions.

Central Region

Debbie Roberts: [email protected]

Susan Gibb: [email protected]

East Region

Paul McAuley: [email protected]

Leslie Motz: [email protected]

North Region

Matthew Saj: [email protected]

Michael Giardetti: [email protected]

Toronto Region

Rob Burgess: [email protected]

Nancy Kraetschmer: [email protected]

West Region

Toby O’Hara: [email protected]

University Updates:

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