Teaching Opportunities

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To become a preceptor for ROMP, we encourage you to fill out our teaching application.

teaching opportunities in rural ontario medical program If you become a ROMP preceptor, you will:

  • Expose students to rural medicine
  • Influence medical students’ future career paths
  • Act as a force of positive change in your office or hospital
  • Help medical students develop critical skills

Our teaching opportunities also require you to act as a role model for medical students and give direct and immediate feedback to learners throughout the duration of their rotation.

The Application Process

To become a preceptor, the first step in the process is filling out our teaching application. We require you to submit your Curriculum Vitae with it. Once your application has been approved, we will send you a preceptor package that gives more information about the program and will contact you further about available teaching opportunities. We make it easy!

Click here for more information about becoming a ROMP preceptor.

We Offer Extensive Support

We truly value the preceptors who instruct the medical students and residents who participate in our program. Before pairing you with a learner, we will credential the learner and secure their hospital privileges. To prevent burnout, we will make an extensive effort to ensure that you are matched with a variety of different learning levels and given adequate breaks between each rotation. We also provide continual support by conducting faculty appointments and faculty development sessions.

Through our program, you can have an influence on the medical professionals of tomorrow. For more information about our teaching opportunities with ROMP, contact us today.



Are you a preceptor looking for additional teaching resources?

Check out Practical Doc at www.practicaldoc.ca.

**The above resource is a collaborative project between ROMP and Alberta,

About Practical Doc
Practical Doc was formed in response to the ongoing need to provide practicing rural physicians with a place where they can access online skills, resources, and support. More than a clearinghouse for content, Practical Doc merges the needs of a physician who may be looking for information with the support that can be sometimes hard to find when working in a rural community.