Includes Keswick & Sutton



The Town of Georgina includes Keswick and Sutton as well as the smaller communities of jackson’s Point, Pefferlaw, Port Bolster, Undora and Willow Beach. Keswick is the largest community in the town. Georgina stretches along the shores of Lake Simcoe with plentiful beaches throughout creating an ideal retreat for those living outside the area. Highway development and population growth have transformed Georgina from cottage country to an economically thriving community with the best of all worlds.


Known as the “Original Cottage Country,” Georgina is home to public parks, beaches, forested areas, conservation areas, museums, theatres and music. Because of vast fishing opportunities on Lake Simcoe, Georgina has become known as the “Ice Fishing Capital of Canada”. Georgina has a vibrant and stimulating arts community. The Town enjoys live theatre and performing arts at The Stephen Leacock Theatre in Keswick.


There is no hospital in Georgina.
While the closest hospital is located in Newmarket, there are a number of physicians and nurse practitioners in Georgina who serve the residents’ healthcare needs. Four clinics and a Nurse Practisioner-led all form the communities’ healthcare map.



Family Health Team:

Hamilton: 157km

London: 273km

Sudbury: 360km

Kingston: 318km

Ottawa: 395km

Toronto: 89km

Population: 50,184

Median Age: 40.8

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