Ranked as one of the Top 10 places to live in Canada, the city of Guelph is a vibrant city set in a beautiful, natural surrounding only 100 kilometers west of Toronto.

Guelph was named one of the country’s smartest communities, Canada’s volunteer capital, and one of Canada’s safest cities to live in by the Toronto Star. Guelp’s hard water is perfect for brewing beer, which has been done since the 1800’s when Sleeman’s was first established. In 2006, popular Japanese brand Sapporo acquired Sleeman and now, most is brewed right in Guelph.

The economy of Guelph is diverse and booming with the University of Guelph (best known for its science programs), bustling business section and strong industries.


Close to Elora, hiking and swimming are readily available at Elora Gorge. Parks and riverside green spaces are abundant throughout the community and offer walking and biking trails as well as picnic and play areas.


Other facilities that provide helthcare in Guelph are: St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Health Centre, Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services,

Guelph Community Health Centre and The Masai Centre, the Guelph Family Health Team and the Mango Tree Family Health Team (also serves Francophones).

Guelph General Hospital has recently opened a brand new “Medical Education Center” which consists of a lounge, conference room and 6 furnished sleep rooms all equipped with computers, desks, and Internet connection.

Hamilton: 55km

London: 131km

Sudbury: 455km

Kingston: 348km

Ottawa: 538km

Toronto: 104km

Level of Service: Secondary Care

Number of Beds: 165

Catchment: 180,000

Referral Sites: Hamilton, London, Toronto

Learner Parking: $37.50/month, $9.25/week

Level of Service: Mental Health and Long Term Care

Number of Beds: 312

Catchment: 180,000

Referral Sites: None

Learner Parking: Free

Population: 121,668

Median Age: 37.7

About The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP)

The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) places medical students & residents into core and elective rotations in rural regions across Ontario.
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