Listowel is a small charming community located in North Perth. The town has lots to offer with outdoor recreational activities and fun events occuring all year round. The downtown has lots of unique shops to explore and some amazing resturants to visit with friends. The town has great walking tours to explore the richhistory of the community and the many festivals to visit.


The community of Listowel has lots to offer. Some of the highlights include the specialty shops, amazing bakeries and cafes to fuel up for some incredible hikes and parks to have a picnic in.


Listowel Memorial Hospital is in charge of providing essential care for the North Perth County and other surrounding communities in the area. The hospital offers primary care and selective seconday services including two surgical suites, obstetrics, diagnostic imaging with a 24hr emergency department.


Health Care Team:


Long Term Care: | |

Level of Service: Complex Continuing Care

Number of Beds: 50

Catchment: 38,066

Referral Sites: London

Learner Parking: $2 / daily

Hamilton: 119km

London: 98km

Sudbury: 432km

Kingston: 408km

Ottawa: 547km

Toronto: 158km

Population: 7,530

Median Age: 41.1

About The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP)

The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) places medical students & residents into core and elective rotations in rural regions across Ontario.
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