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Peterborough is a beautiful community that is continuously growing. With a diverse economy, Peterborough has a mixture of agriculture and industry. Several major companies are based in Peterborough including Quaker, Minute Maid, General Electric and GSG Research. Trent University and Sir Sanford Fleming College are also based in Peterborough. The two schools employs approximately 2,000 people and offer a wide range of subjects, education and training.


In Peterborough, you will be as close to the great outdoors as you are to work, school, and other amenities. Here, we boast all the conveniences and comforts that an exceptional quality of life demands. Here, you can have it all.

We are a unique community with a rich heritage, a thriving culture, and a bright future. Peterborough is renowned for its exceptional events, exhibitions, agriculture, multicultural cuisine, unique shops and more. Home to Trent University and Fleming College, students are attracted not only to these post-secondary institutes but also to the city they are situated.


Health care in the Peterborough community incorporates the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC), five Family Health Organizations, one of Ontario’s largest Family Health Teams, and a multitude of specialists. PRHC is a large regional hospital delivering acute healthcare to a rapidly growing population of more than 300,000 residents in Peterborough and the surrounding communities, including the First Nations of Curve Lake, Alderville, and Hiawatha.

With an annual operating budget of $316 million, PRHC has more than 460 inpatient beds and offers a wide range of services, including specialized programs in renal, stroke, cardiac, cancer care, vascular surgery, and mental health and addictions.

The primary care system consists of five exceptional and well-established Family Health Organizations, each suited for different practice styles and all of which support family physicians. The Peterborough Family Health Team (FHT) provides additional benefits to physicians and patients by incorporating interprofessional healthcare providers into the traditional practice. The FHT also provides free programs, services, and workshops to bolster the well-being of patients in areas such as mental health, nutrition, smoking cessation, deprescribing service, and more. The Partners in Pregnancy Clinic is a one of a kind service providing post and prenatal care to expecting families.

With a proud local history extending back over a century, Peterborough is a place to both live and work, and is only a 90-minute drive north-east of Toronto. It is a large community with a small town feel where many health care providers choose to call home.




Family Health Team:

Hamilton: 212km

London: 338km

Sudbury: 406km

Kingston: 188km

Ottawa: 281km

Toronto: 145km

Level of Service: Primary and Secondary Care

Number of Beds: 494

Catchment: 300,000

Referral Sites: Toronto, Lindsay

Learner Parking: $48/month

Population: 74,600

Median Age: 42.7

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