Includes Havelock, Lakefield & Norwood



Peterborough is a beautiful community that is continuously growing. With a diverse economy, Peterborough has a mixture of agriculture and industry. Several major companies are based in Peterborough including Quaker, Minute Maid, General Electric and GSG Research. Trent University and Sir Sanford Fleming College are also based in Peterborough. The two schools employs approximately 2,000 people and offer a wide range of subjects, education and training.


Walking and biking trails weave through the city and along the waterfront. Several parks within the city offer picnic and play areas. As part of the Trent Severn Waterway, the Peterborough Lift Lock is one of only two hydraulic lifts in the system and the highest one in the world. Peterborough is a place where the people are down-to-earth and the scenery is breathtaking. Treetop Trekking is Ontario’s original and most challenging zip line aerial park experienced; a great adventure for everyone.


Peterborough Regional Health Centre is a newly constructed, state of the art facility with 2,000 staff members and 350 physicians providing excellent care and services. Peterborough is home to several Family Health Teams; Chemong Family Health Team, Greater Peterborough Family Health Team, Medical Centre Family Health Team, Peterborough Clinic Family Health Team, and Peterborough Community Family Health Team all work to improve access to healthcare for the region.




Family Health Team:

Hamilton: 212km

London: 338km

Sudbury: 406km

Kingston: 188km

Ottawa: 281km

Toronto: 145km

Level of Service: Primary and Secondary Care

Number of Beds: 494

Catchment: 300,000

Referral Sites: Toronto, Lindsay

Learner Parking: $48/month

Population: 74,600

Median Age: 42.7

About The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP)

The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) places medical students & residents into core and elective rotations in rural regions across Ontario.
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