Walkerton is a quaint town situated on the banks of the Saugeen River. The community is filled with adventures all season long with many people traveling great distances to experience. This small town has acess to some of the best beaches for swimming, paddling and even surfing in the warmer seasons. The fun doesn’t stop in the colder season with amazing snowshoeing, outdoor skating loops and hikes in the Bruce County. Walkerton is filled with great activities exploring local arts and museums, opera house with exceptional food and drinks for a culinary adventure.


In Walkerton, there are many opportunities to experience nature and find work life balance. From hiking the Bruce Country trails, seeing live performances at the Victoria Jubilee Hall and taking a cycling tour of Greenock Swamp, Ontario’s largest forested wetland.


Walkerton is home to a full service hospital includes neighboring comunity Milday and its ED sees an average of 12,500 pateints annualy. Additional services include operating room, diagnostic imaging and a birthing center which handles 400 births per year.

Level of Service: Primary and Ambulatory Care

Number of Beds: 28

Catchment: 44,000

Referral Sites: Owen Sound

Hamilton: 152km

London: 143km

Sudbury: 403km

Kingston: 430km

Ottawa: 540km

Toronto: 183km

Population: 4,967

Median Age: 43.8

About The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP)

The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) places medical students & residents into core and elective rotations in rural regions across Ontario.
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