Preceptor Funding               

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) funds the Rural Ontario Medical Program to deliver educational experiences to medical students and residents from the six Ontario medical universities.

Through this funding, teaching stipends are available for preceptors who take funded rotations.  However, unfunded rotations are equally important to a learners’ education path.  ROMP encourages preceptors to teach a blend of funded and unfunded learners throughout the year.

Teaching stipends are in the amount of $250 per week during funded rotations.  Determining whether a rotation is funded or not depends on the type of learner.  ROMP will inform precpetors of rotation funding upon requesting their services.  Click here to see ROMP Learner funding guidelines.


Claiming a Teaching Stipend

At the end of the rotation, preceptors must submit an invoice outlining the trainee’s name, the time period of the rotation and the dollar value of the stipend requested.  Once processed at the ROMP office, the invoices are submitted to McMaster University where the cheques are issued and mailed to the address provided on the invoice.

Payments can be made directly to the physician preceptor or can be issued to a company (ie. hospital department, corporation, practice office).  Any cheques that are payable to an individual will generate a T4A slip.

Download a sample invoice to determine what information is required.

*Please note that invoices cannot be processed until the learner submits their ROMP rotation evaluation.