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Introduction to the Travel and Accommodation Policy

ROMP encourages eligible health professional learners to travel away from their *Academic Centre and live temporarily in the community in which they are undertaking a clinical rotation.  A listing of all approved ROMP communities can be found by selecting Communities from the top menu from any page of the website. ROMP enables community based clinical training by easing the financial burden for learners and preceptors.

Learners are eligible for ROMP funding when they participate in rotations that are between one and six blocks in duration, in one community.  ROMP will only fund rotations that are a result of an online application that is received prior to the rotation’s start date.

ROMP funding will reimburse travel expenses to the community, as per the Travel Policy, as well as accommodation expenses based on the criteria outlined in the Accommodation Policy. Please carefully read through both policies located below to ensure accurate completion of your Travel and Accommodation Claims.

Learners, whose *Academic Centre is also a ROMP community are only eligible for ROMP funding when they participate in rotations outside of their *Academic Centre.  Rotations taking place at the*Academic Centre, or in communities outside of the ROMP region, do not qualify for funding under either the Travel Policy or the Accommodation Policy.

All claims for ROMP funding must be submitted within 30 days of the final day of the rotation.

*Academic Centre/Home base Site: University campus, University satellite campus, University expansion site, CaRMS matched sites and Home-base sites are all considered Academic Centres.

Travel Policy

Learners, who meet ROMP funding criteria are reimbursed for one round trip per rotation between the *Academic Centre and the community rotation site, regardless of rotation length. Round trip kilometres are reimbursed at $0.47 per kilometre and are based on predetermined distances calculated by ROMP. Refer to the ROMP Distance Calculator to determine the round trip mileage.

Travel funds are only available to learners using their own vehicle, or taking public transportation, such as bus or train. Learners must provide the original bus/rail tickets with their claim submission.

Learners, who do not claim funds under the Accommodation Policy are entitled to claim their daily commute, as per the criteria listed below. Commuting to the community is not encouraged; please consider call schedules, weather and travel time when making arrangements. Local community transportation, parking and vehicle servicing expenses are not reimbursable.  Inner community travel expenses are not considered.

The maximum travel allowance provided for each rotation is $450.00 per block.  This maximum takes into consideration all funds claimed under the Travel Policy.

Daily Commute Funding Guidelines:

  • If ROMP provides funding for accommodation, then ROMP will not provide funding for daily commute
  • Daily commute must exceed 35 kilometres, one way
  • Commuting distance will be calculated from either the *Academic Centre or from accommodations not being claimed under the Accommodation Policy, whichever distance is shorter.
  • Daily commute is reimbursed at a rate of $0.47 per kilometre.

Therefore, the daily commute, in order to qualify for funding, must exceed 35km one way, but will only be reimbursed to a maximum of $450.00 per block.

Exception for Thunder Bay based NOSM learners:

Thunder Bay learners are reimbursed the equivalent of both one return flight and one round trip from Billy Bishop Airport to their community rotation site per month.  Round trip kilometres are based on predetermined distances calculated by ROMP in the ROMP Distance Calculator. All flights must be booked through ROMP’s Education Coordinator, who will coordinate with NOSM’s Travel Centre.  Original receipts and boarding passes must be mailed to the ROMP Office with the claim submission.

Accommodation Policy

Learners must ensure that their accommodation needs are identified on the online application by checking the appropriate box. Any special accommodation needs should be outlined in the Expectations of Learning section of the ROMP application.

ROMP strongly encourages trainees to live and learn in the community to optimize their experience. Accommodation funding is provided to learners who maintain two places of residence during the rotation month(s); a primary residence at the *Academic Centre and a secondary residence in the community for the duration of the rotation. Provided housing will meet the established community standards.

Based on eligibility, ROMP will provide an accommodation allowance of up to $800.00 per block to learners living in a ROMP approved community, to help offset the cost of the secondary residence. “Living in the community” will be considered areas within a 35 kilometre radius of the hospital or primary preceptor’s practice address. Eligibility of accommodation funding is outlined in the below Accommodation Funding Guidelines.

Learners must pay for their accommodations directly and will be reimbursed by ROMP at the end of the rotation, provided that they submit an original receipt from the landlord, along with all other necessary documents required by ROMP.

Please Note: There are some cases in which ROMP has made arrangements with the landlord to pay for the accommodations directly. Learners will be directly notified of such instances, when placed into these situations.

Housing options are based on community availability and ROMP’s clinical placement priorities. All community accommodations are subject to availability, often are shared and are not the same in every community. Accommodations in communities include but are not limited to:

  • Basement apartments
  • Rooms for rent in private homes
  • Bachelor apartments
  • Hospital accommodations
  • Bed and Breakfasts (subject to seasonal availability)

Accommodation Funding Guidelines:

  • ROMP funding is only provided for accommodations that are arranged by ROMP or by a third party on behalf of ROMP.
  • Approval of alternative housing (sourced by learner) must be granted by ROMP prior to the rotation’s start date in order to qualify for funding
  • A rent receipt must be submitted with the expense claim to ROMP.
  • Receipts must include:
    • Learner’s name
    • Address of the accommodations
    • Dates of occupancy
    • Amount Paid
    • Name and signature of the landlord
    • Telephone number at which the landlord can be reached
  • As a reminder, housing is not to be shared with guests unless special permission has been granted.  This is especially important given the vulnerability of rural communities during the covid-19 pandemic.  Along with your Program Department, we are suggesting that you remain in your placed community for the full duration of your rotation to practice social/physical distancing.
  • Learners are responsible for communicating to both the landlord and to ROMP any change that would impact the confirmed accommodation, including date changes and/or cancellation.
  • If ample notice of a cancellation is not provided to both the landlord and to ROMP, the learner will be responsible for any costs associated with the cancellation, which may include the confirmed rental rate.
  • Learners who decline ROMP accommodation and/or chose to live with family or friends will be responsible for all arrangements and expenses. Please note, this includes costs associated with any accommodations owned by any member of the trainee’s family or people with whom they have a personal/intimate relationship.
  • Any complaints received as a result of a learner’s unacceptable living practices or damage incurred while staying in ROMP funded accommodations will be forwarded to the appropriate University Program Director and highlighted as a professionalism issue.  The learner will be responsible for any associated costs.
  • Pets, smoking and guests are not permitted at any ROMP accommodation.
  • All learners are required to adhere to the “ROMP Housing Rules and Regulations” and the landlord’s housing rules.

Any issues or concerns upon arrival at the accommodations should be reported to the ROMP office immediately.  Please call 1-877-445-7667.

Accommodation Policy for Family Medicine Rural Stream Residents and Extended Family Medicine in the Community in the PGY2 Year:

Residents are expected to reside in the community to which they are matched for their Family Medicine residency or for their extended Family Medicine in the community in the PGY2 year.

No financial resources are provided to the resident during the four block (or longer) family medicine rotation in their matched community, nor for any subsequent rotations that may take place in the matched community.

When a rotation is scheduled outside the CaRMS matched community, or extended Family Medicine site, the standard Travel Policy and Accommodation Policy will apply.

Submission of Expense Forms and Reimbursement Procedure

  1. It is imperative that you print all of your information on the expense forms clearly and legibly. If the ROMP office is unable to read your submission, we will be unable to reimburse you!
  2. All necessary documents must be submitted to ROMP within 30 days of the last day of the rotation.  Claims that are submitted late will not be processed.
  3. Necessary documents for ROMP funding include:
    • Expense Claim Form
    • Any allowable receipts outlined in the Travel Policy and the Accommodation Policy
    • Rotation Evaluation
    • Calendar of Education Activity
    • A mileage report that proves the total distance you were required to travel by attaching, with your claim form, either; 1) the Distance Chart displaying your commute from our ROMP Distance Calculator OR 2) a printed copy of a Google Maps direction page clearly indicated the distance travelled
  4. Receipts for mortgage payments are not permitted.
  5. Any abuse of the ROMP reimbursement guidelines will result in loss of access to ROMP funding for future rotations.

Claims are processed within 60 – 90 days.

**By claiming funds through ROMP, all trainees confirm that they have read and agree to abide by the Travel Policy and the Accommodation Policy. 

The following is an overview of the commitments that learners make by submitting their ROMP application:

I solemnly decree and warrant that my past training and experience has been of such a nature and duration that I consider myself competent and capable of undertaking a clinical placement under the supervision of my preceptor.  I further declare that I have read and will abide by the CPSO supervision guidelines and the host hospital’s bylaws, policies and rules.

[ ]  Learner must agree to this statement

Cancellation Policy: The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) considers it unprofessional to cancel a rotation once a preceptor has been confirmed.  I understand that once ROMP has contacted me with the name of a preceptor, and I have accepted the rotation, it is unprofessional for me to cancel the rotation. ROMP will contact the learner’s medical university to inform them of any cancellations or other reports of unprofessional behaviour.

Accommodation Policy:  The Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) considers it unprofessional to cancel accommodations once housing has been secured by ROMP or community designate.  I understand that once ROMP has arranged my accommodations, it is unprofessional for me to cancel them.  Additionally, I acknowledge that any fees associated with cancellation, unacceptable living practices or damages made to property are my responsibility.  ROMP will contact the learner’s medical university to inform them of any cancellations or other reports of unprofessional behaviour. Learners who decline ROMP accommodation and/or chose to live with family or friends will be responsible for all arrangements and expenses. Please note, this includes costs associated with any accommodations owned by any member of the trainee’s family or people with whom they have a personal/intimate relationship.

I agree to abide by all of ROMP’s policies (available at and confirm that I have not applied to any other placement programs for the same time period.

I agree that I have thoroughly read through this Policy Page in its entirety and understand what I must submit.

[ ] Learner must agree to this statement and the above policies.

For questions or concerns regarding the Travel Policy, the Accommodation Policy, or the submission of expense forms, please contact the ROMP office.

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